Why does our hair fall out?

Hair loss can be caused by a range of factors. We’ve outlined a few below.

Androgenic hair loss

This literally means ‘male-pattern hair loss’ and is the most common form of hair loss. It is caused by male androgenic hormones being converted into dihydrotestosterone. The condition is characterised by less hair on the crown or over the temples.

This form of hair loss also affects women. Their sensitivity to dihydrotestosterone is different to that of men. And female scalps are also sensitive in different areas. This is why women often have different hair loss patterns to men. Their hair loss is mainly characterised by thinning along the centre line of the head. Pregnancy and menopause can be triggering factors.

Telogen hair loss

Our hair grows in a cycle. When it comes to telogen hair loss, this cycle stalls in the resting phase and hair roots do not have strength to regrow. The cause of this form of hair loss is often androgenic. However, there are factors that trigger hair loss three months after events such as illnesses involving fever and long trips that involve changes in climate. We also note this type of hair loss occurring due to the effects of toxins or medication, a lack of essential nutrients, stress factors or after surgery.

Alopecia areata

The appearance of one or more bald patches, often among children. Its cause is unknown, although an autoimmune disorder is probable. Fortunately, these bald patches can spontaneously disappear.

Alopecia universalis

This is an autoimmune disorder that affects the follicles on the entire body. People with the condition have no hair on their bodies at all. Certain medicines and poisons can also cause this hair loss, with chemotherapy an example. In that case, it’s called ‘anagen alopecia’.

Further forms

There are even more forms of hair loss, but 80 to 90 percent of our hair loss is the result of androgenic and telogen alopecia.

The use of Esthecin is recommended to combat androgenic hair loss.

If you’d like to know whether Esthecin is suitable for your type of hair loss, please complete the Personal Hair Care Plan form.