Hair loss

The section on hair biology explains that hairs repeatedly grow from one follicle. Old hair must make way for new hair. Here, the loss of 50-100 hairs per day is normal. Hair loss is signalled by the number of lost hairs exceeding the number of new hairs. The speed at which this can happen and the age at which it might start both vary. Androgenic hair loss always starts once puberty has begun, because only then does the production of male hormones start in boys as well as girls.

Start early

Prevention of hair loss and support of hair growth is only possible if follicles are present. If the hair roots in these follicles have been inactive for two to three years, they disappear for good. So, it’s essential to start using the serum early. That’s why our motto reads ‘If you Measure, you’ll Know’. When it comes to androgenic hair loss, it is not possible to counter the causes, so continued use of the serum is recommended.

Wash test

We recommend the wash test:

  • For one week, wash your hair in a closed basin.
  • Collect the hairs from the basin and your comb or brush and place them on a piece of tissue paper.
  • Count all these hairs.
  • 50 to 100 hairs = normal hair loss.

Tuft test

Another option is the tuft- or pull test:

  • Don’t wash your hair on the day before the test.
  • Count a tuft of 60 hairs on your scalp and keep a hold of these hairs.
  • Pull gently on the tuft of hairs
  • Up to 6 hairs (10%) dislodged = normal hair loss.
  • Repeat this test on different parts of the scalp.

Receding hairline

A receding hairline can be measured by checking the distance from the nasal root to the centre of the hairline and the temples. See images above. Do this every three months using the same millimetre-increment measuring tape. Don’t rely on a one-off measurement. Add the results to a list immediately after measuring.

Be honest with yourself

People – especially young men – often deny the fact that they are affected by androgenic hair loss. They don’t want to be reminded about it. However, doing this makes no sense at all. Be honest with yourself and start addressing the problem as soon as possible.