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Very easy to use. Just spread onto your scalp, rub it in and wait for it to get absorbed!

It’s so easy to use. I usually apply it just before bedtime.

Esthecin has done a lot for me. It’s great be able to look in the mirror and no longer worry about my hair.

It’s fantastic! My hair looks better and feels much fuller. I’m also getting a lot of compliments. People are saying, “Wow, your hair looks great! What have you done?”

My confidence is back and I’m much more relaxed. I’m sleeping well again and get woken by my alarm instead of by loose hairs. Life is much better for me and it really shows. I also go out more often instead of hiding away at home.

It’s such a confidence boost when you see results after working hard on improvement. Having used the serum, my hair is much fuller, and that’s fantastic.

My hair is fuller, more buoyant and much healthier. New hairs showed up after 3 months and kept growing throughout the process.

What a great product! Five pregnancies left me with hair loss and I saw my hair getting thinner and thinner. Then I found this product after much investigation on the internet. Now, after using it for just three months, I’ve got lots of new hairs on my head. This product sure delivers what it promises. And it’s so easy to use.

M from Utrecht

Dear van Montfort

I, Wim de Groot from Zwolle, would hereby like to tell you what I think about Esthecin. What’s amazing is that you will actually get permanent new hair growth if you don’t stop applying Esthecin too soon. So don’t be impatient. It’s better than hair implants, because it’s a painless way of regaining and thickening your own hair.

I was losing hair, probably because of a combination of an underactive thyroid and menopause. It was getting thinner and thinner.

As I looked for a solution, I came across this site.

I thought that I’d never know unless I tried.

After using the serum for a month, I went to the hairdresser for a trim and told her about what I was trying. She didn’t seem convinced, although she was curious about it because many of her female customers encountered hair loss during menopause. Four months later, she was amazed by how many new head hairs I had and suggested that I continue what I was doing. A further 3 months down the line, the top and sides of my scalp are, once again, covered in hair and hairs are starting to grow on the back of my scalp too. Even though my hair is growing so well, I’ll keep applying the serum for the next 3 months.

It works for me



Ik gebruik esthecin nu 9 maanden, ik ben er echt ontzettend blij mee, na een operatie met lange narcose was mijn haargroei tijdelijk gestopt, en daarna veel haaruitval.
Nu groeien mijn haren weer goed,en heb ik ook veel nieuwe haren,die nu al 7/8 cm zijn.

Het werkt echt als je ook echt serieus begin 2 x per week zorgvuldig opbrengt en goed in masseert en blijft doorgaan

M D., Haarlem

Ik gebruik esthecin al een tijdje en ben tot nu toe zeer tevreden

Koos A., Melderslo

product bestellen en daags erop al binnen.
bij mij lijkt het aan te slaan, gaat wel heel langzaam.