Esthecin: a product of love

Esthecin was developed to combat the hair loss suffered by Dr van Montfort’s daughter, who couldn’t find any kind of remedy for improving her hair growth. So Dr van Montfort decided to formulate one himself. After investigating the dynamics of hair, he examined the possible causes of hair loss. And there can be many such causes. His research has also shown us that hair loss is often the result of a combination of causes, but that the most common cause involves androgenic factors.

Greater hair volume and hair quality

Dr van Montfort developed a serum that combats androgenic hair loss using natural ingredients. The serum seemed to work for his daughter. So, a pilot test was conducted on a group of people six months later. And the result? All the participants reported positive results such as greater hair volume and better hair quality. Dr van Montfort immediately decided to refine the hair serum, and this marked the birth of Esthecin, which means ‘developed for Esther’.

Making people happy

Dr van Montfort’s mission is, quite simply, to create happiness among the most people possible. With more than forty-two years of experience, Dr van Montfort has seen a lot of unhappiness among men and women caused by hair loss.

Renewed confidence

This makes perfect sense, because hair is important to people. It makes women feel feminine, attractive and proud. And when it comes to men, being bald can affect confidence and their sense of masculinity. Dr van Montfort is convinced that Esthecin improves peoples’ confidence. Just like it has his daughter’s!